It’s not a Referendum, it’s a Revolution

ArtistTaxiDriver“It’s not a Referendum, it’s a Revolution,” says Mark McGowan, the Artist Taxi Driver in one of his incredibly loud and passionate YouTube monologues.  And he is completely correct.  To think this question of whether Scotland should be independent or not is just about whether 5 million people are slightly better or worse off is to notice the mouse in a room and completely miss the 300lb gorilla.

marieantoinetteexecuteWho are the people of Scotland in revolution with?  Actually it is with the usual suspects: the government, the rich, the powerful.  There has been over the last 30 years a steady, progressive slide to the politics of the right and we see a rise in xenophobia and displays of might by the Western Empire upon its own and other people.  And despite what a quick glance may suggest, everything you feel in your heart that smacks of injustice or insanity or being unsustainable is interlinked.

From banking crises to constant war for oil to protected paedophile rings to use of drugs in sport and academia to overuse of antidepressants to global warming to fixation on stars to insatiable desire for wealth and control to the growing chasm between rich and poor to the return of TB and malnutrition to Western countries, it’s all related.

It's all related. Don't kid yourself otherwise.

It’s all related. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

The ruling establishment includes the likes of politicians, business leaders, main stream media, civil servants, entertainment stars and you see the across the board support they give to backing the Union.  This is of little surprise, they are the ones most bought into the insanity, the ones who believe they have the most to lose by any change to the status quo.

They may have the power but the people have them outnumbered.  The shock we see from the establishment is one of disbelief that there could even be a chance Scotland would vote to leave – they are so used to having the whole system completely weighted in their favour.  Think about it, all three main Westminster parties are broadly identical in their Neoconservative political and Neoliberal economic policies – that’s like ensuring the roulette wheel only has number 17 slots before you put your money down.

too-big-to-failWhy do the establishment back high risk activities like nuclear power, fracking, weapons of mass destruction, constant (illegal) invasions of other lands, unregulated casino banking?  Because the people involved in these sectors are part of the establishment too, scratching each others backs.  And it’s minimal risk to them – nuclear power, pollution, climate, nuclear weapons, banking systems are all too big to fail and when they do inevitably fail then they are bailed out by the tax payer, the majority of the people.  Again the system is completely, utterly rigged.

minor-entityBut in this “minor entity in the north of Britain” – as Scotland’s own Lord Robertson puts it – we have them running scared.  We have the most motivated, passionate and informed population in recent Western history and we have the power to say Enough is a enough, we want a new beginning, a new way to live.  The establishment of the UK and their foreign equivalents abroad know that there’s a very high probability that the Scottish revolution will spill over; a possible modern day domino theory.

IndyRef Ballot Paper AIt’s not a referendum, it’s a revolution.  And what a revolution -to think all you need to do is just put a cross in the correct box.  No need to kill, threaten or bribe anyone.

I look forward to a better world.

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An Open Letter to JK Rowling


Says it all about the reasons for YES and how the likes of Rowling and the establishment elite either have no concept of what it’s all about or, if they have, are running scared.

Originally posted on Teachers for Yes:


by Allan Crosbie, PT English, Edinburgh

Dear Joanne,

You won’t remember me but nearly 20 years ago we worked together briefly in a school in Edinburgh. Your talents have since made you a lot of money and given you considerable status and influence; I have continued to channel mine into that Freirean project of opening minds and changing the world from the classroom. You now have millions of Twitter followers; I have six.

People should always act on their conscience and yours has obviously prompted you to speak out in order to try to prevent Scotland voting for Independence. In doing so over the last few days you have claimed to be speaking not out of self-interest but on behalf of ordinary Scots who, you claim, are set to suffer immeasurably under Independence.

You speak of three kinds of Yes voters – the first are gamblers on oil and blackmailers…

View original 513 more words

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Austerity: Keeping Ratings Agencies Happy and Controlling People

Austerity.  We heard a lot about that since the Masters of the Universe blew the bloody doors off the world economy in 2008.  It’s sold to us minions, us majority of human beings as being the only solution to balancing the books again; a “we’re all in it together” thatcher-tinaeffort to compensate for the years when “we all it too good”.  You know as if we’d all pigged out over Christmas and were now needing to eat diet meals and go jogging at 06:00 hours.

Except those bastards at the top of the financial food chain never really paid anything post 2008.  We bailed them out.  If you are earning €100K a year and you are out of work for some months and take a 20% pay cut, that’s not pain.  Oh sure, you may need to skip some holidays to Tuscany and maybe even downsize a little bit.  But you’re not going to end up in a sodding food bank or choosing between “eat or heat” for the kids this weekend because DWP has outsourced your claim to a French computer company whose CEO is mats with a UK minister and it’s all gone pear shaped.

Austerity is two things: convincing the ratings agencies you are serious about controlling spending and therefore keeping your AAA credit rating.  And control of people through fear and hopelessness.

Austerity is NOT a means of re-emerging from recession. No country ever “saved” its way back to success.

And does austerity even work?  What does it involve?  It means primarily reducing welfare and public services.  And doing it at the convenient time when banks are refusing to lend money which of course dumps more people on to the lines of jobless.  It also means cutting back on investments in infrastructure and maintenance.

Step back a bit and think it through, folks.  Say you and your family are at home, all out of work and sitting on the couch.  The dole money did not appear on time and it’s Saturday morning and the fridge is empty and the house is a tip.  But you have an allotment full of vegetables.  And you’ve got some cloths and mops.  Now, you can sit there and say we have no money or you can send a couple of you to the allotment while the others clean the place up.

Both options required absolutely no money.  Now I am an experienced engineer and programmer so perhaps I do not qualify for master of the universe status even if I can

See me? I can program one of these things.

See me? I can program one of these things.

program the damn Black-Scholes model, but I fail to see how the hell inflicting austerity on a nation’s internal expenditures can ever salvage a country from recession.  Maynard-Keynes joked about having people dig holes and fill them up again as being a valid model. He qualified this by saying we’d be better off doing something more valuable.

How did the completely bankrupt Nazi Germany manage to build the world’s largest single war machine?  They did it internally.  If a country has the natural resources, the education, aptitude to be self-sufficient as far as makes sense and then exports enough to pay for importing what it cannot or chooses not to do for itself, then you have the option of being a wealthy country.  The country can be exactly as wealthy as it chooses to be.moodys

The UK has imported more than it exports for 30 years in a row.  This means we must essentially borrow foreign currency to keep doing this.  The rate at which we can do this is determined by the ratings agencies.  You know the likes of Moody’s and S&P.  You know the same guys who slapped AAA ratings on toxic sub-prime shit and so long as no one asked the value of the underlying assets the whole charade went on.  Yes those same bastards determine the credit worthiness of countries.  How do they do this?  Simple, the

IDS Yesteday

IDS Yesteday

governments show they are serious about controlling spending.  And what better way of doing this than putting some prick like Iain Duncan Smith up front and proudly proclaiming how he’s slashed payments to elderly, sick and disabled.

The second purpose of austerity is control.  By keeping us in constant fear of our very survival and threatening the reasonably comfy middle class with: “Be good, keep your head down, just accept your massive financial debts. Do that and you won’t end up on a council estate in some mould strewn hovel fending off yobs.”

You get the point.  Trust your own thinking when it comes to finance and economics.  Chances are what you know is far more realistic.

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Cameron: Is that a giant oil field in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Some mock-ups inspired by Mae West’s famous lines on the occasion of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband’s unprecedented visit to Scotland to save the union and confirm that all the main Westminster parties are completely identical save for colour and odour.

These hypocritical gits didn’t really give a flier until it finally looked like independence might actually happen.  Then they break purdah, miss Prime Minister’s Question Time and storm north as if whatever crap they’re going to spout now will make an ounce of difference.

Having all been identically briefed by Alistair Darling and his Better Together Storm Troopers, Cameron arrives first in Scotland:


Then Clegg pops out of Cameron’s kangaroo pouch.


Before finally Miliband  materializes from a cloud of guff:



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Independent Scotland is not about Nationalism

The new poll putting Yes ahead for the first time appears to have awoken many people down south.  Maybe some people in the main stream media and elite of society do get it now and this panics them.  And some normal every day folk outside Scotland also get it. But the great majority don’t and we see this in the upturn of talk of it all being about “nationalism”.  The reason the whole Yes campaign has been so peaceful and so positive is because it absolutely is not about nationalism.  In years of studying history and following the evolution of Europe from Cold War era to the capitalist, elite controlled mockery it resembles today, I’ve never seen such a positive and peaceful people.  I don’t know of many nationalists who are so open to welcoming immigrants and wanting to collaborate with our fellow European lands.  Funny people these nationalist Scots.


If the normal people throughout Europe and especially in England actually calmly studied what is happening in Scotland they’d be backing independence 100%.  This is a referendum about taking power away from a privileged elite few and putting it in the hands of the many.  People who’ve spent a life passively in front of the TV have got up and got involved in politics and they are not going back to the sofa.  This whole campaign is about saying we’ve had enough of the Neoconservative, Neoliberal agendas and lies. Enough with:

  • warmongering
  • risking world peace and environmental safety on insane weapons
  • austerity
  • boom and bust economy
  • corruption
  • cutting back on our healthcare and education
  • media bias
  • infringements on privacy
  • giant corporations pulling the strings of government
  • untamed destruction of the planet
  • torture
  • selling off of what the public owns at fire sale prices to faceless friends
  • making scapegoats of the weakest and poorest while turning a blind eye to white collar crime
  • sending an 18 year old to jail for stealing one bottle of vodka while bankers who ripped off the whole country return to pre-crisis incomes

In Scotland the ordinary people, the 99% are deciding that this kind of disgraceful, disgusting behaviour has gone on too long.  It did not matter, Labour or Conservative the results were the same.  Now in the UK there are three main parties, probably now four with the rise of UKIP and honestly there is very little between them.  If there was a chance that they could put an end to it via the United Kingdom I’m sure they would have, but after 300 years of this incessant top down, them and us attitude I can safely say that it will never change.  Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon campaign in Glasgow.

Unless something happens.  Like breaking up the Union.  Scotland can afford to go.  It has the massive natural resources, skills and it exports more than it imports.  Politicians and economists try to make it all sound complex but that’s all you need to run a rich country.  And Scotland has it in spades.  So Scotland will make the first move.  And I fully expect that the regions of England and Wales will duly follow demanding at the very least their own assemblies and devolution, all of which will diminish the dominating corrupt power of Westminster further until hopefully it will resemble a democratic parliament.

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“Don’t Just Die There, Get Rich” The New Government Guide

IDS Yesteday

IDS Yesteday

The Department of Work and Pensions is all set to release a book in time for the Scottish Referendum.  Entitled “Don’t Just Die There, Get Rich” wisdom is imparted on not just surviving in 21st Century United Kingdom, but truly thriving.  The thrust of the book is that people succeed irrespective of governments and economy and it’s our own attitude that governs this.  Banks not lending to small and medium size businesses (SMEs)?  Government ran out of welfare money before the end of the year?  Food bank empty? Job outsourced to a slave in a precarious Asian sweatshop?  No worries there are a host of alternative options.  So don’t just die of malnutrition and hypothermia this winter, get rich instead?  Who knows with some hard work, you too could eventually join the elite and you’ll be able to look at poor and down trodden and laugh!

Former Dundee Man is pleased to have received the exclusive rights to publish the table of contents and short extracts in the Netherlands.  If you’re not in Holland then please leave this page immediately.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Provisional Table of Contents

Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Ghost of Margaret Thatcher

Introduction – How We Made Our Fortunes

Survival and Getting a Foot on The Ladder

  • Lend a Hand (Job)
  • Heat or Eat – An Age Old Dilemma
  • Is Hibernation a Viable Option for Humans?
  • Scavenging for Pennies: Roman Forts, Fountains, Back of Couches
  • Lost and Found: The Will to Live

Money on the Side – Combine Incomes to Get a Living Wage

  • How to Flourish in Penny Stocks
  • The Carry Trade – How Borrowing from Japan & Investing in Iceland Should Have Made Us All Rich
  • The Flaw in the Book “Get Rich While You Sleep”
  • Selling Items Pilfered from Work on eBay

Moving into the Big Time for the IQ Challenged – Pro Sports

  • You Don’t Need Brains, You Just Need Fitness
  • From Poor Negro Child in Bongoland to Multimillionaire White English Tour de France Winner – the Chris Froome Story
  • How to get by on £30000 a Week While Sitting on the Bench
  • How to Bypass UK Immigration Procedures by Being Good at Games

Big Business

  • Moving from Capitalism to Socialism: Tapping into the Real Welfare State
  • How to Convince Yourself on Trickle Down Economics
  • How to Launch a Billion Dollar IPO Before Winter Using Just a Laptop, Sexual Favours and a Bucket of Arrogance

Dying without Causing Further Expense

  • If You’re Going to Fail then do it Cheaply
  • Don’t Fail at Suicide – It’ll Cost You
  • How to Bury Yourself in a Shallow Grave


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Two weeks to save Scotland, UK and Europe

Just two weeks to go until the Scottish referendum.  What more is there to say that has notcommon-logo already been said?  Is there any use in pointing out more Unionist hypocrisy and bullshit?  Probably not, even if it still flows through our biased main stream media completely unabated.

I’ve been talking to some people in my business.  This is an industry that would typically be the home of Conservative voters.  Incredibly Scots are talking about joining Common Weal and hoping that Robin McAlpine will have furbusinessforscotlandlogo_v2ther political aspirations come 19 September.  They believe that a fairer, egalitarian Scotland would be better for everyone, business people included.  The organisation Business for Scotland has done sterling work in this regard.  A market place and job force consisting of large numbers of low income, uneducated people is NOT good for business or society.

But as a Scot based in the Netherlands my thoughts go beyond that of Scotland and the UK.  What would the implications of a No vote be for Europe?  It looks a dead cert that Farage_410438bUKIP will win the Clacton by-election with a landslide.  This in turn makes a Conservative-UKIP coalition a sure thing for 2015.  UKIP has nothing to do with the everyman image that Farage tries to portray with his pint glass glued to his palm.  He’s an ex-banker and his priorities remain with the privileged.  He gathers popular support by focusing on foreigners and blaming them for our ills.  An age old tactic used by despots the world over.  You’d think if we’d been reading our history we’d be aware of this by now.

But in general we don’t read history, much less take it in and ruminate on the matter.  Yes the European Union has its issues and can for certain always be improved.  It has messed up on some major things like accepting all and sundry into the Euro zone.  But – and this is an enormous but – there has been peace between European Union countries for 70 years come 2015, the year of the next UK general election.  This is vitally significant.  It is actually the longest period of peace between Western European nations since Pax Romana, an era that ended in the year AD 180.  That’s what the EU was started for and that’s why we all need to ww2-prisonerremain committed.  With every passing year there are less and less people alive who remember World War II and the actions of populist UK politicians confirm that few people have the imagination to contemplate such horrors.

What is Scotland’s role in all this?  I like to think that Scotland with its focus on collaboration and inclusion can stem the tide of xenophobic thinking in rUK by being a great example of what is possible with a true democratic system.  A system that respects all of its own people and the people of our neighbouring countries.

This referendum has a hell of a lot at stake.  If you are registered to vote in Scotland then please vote very wisely.

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