‘Your nationalism is terrifying’

Better Together folk are a weird bunch. Engaging with them at times can invoke utterly surreal experiences. The vast majority of YES supporters are open to foreigners, are extremely positive over the benefits of an independent Scotland to people at home, rUK and Europe, and want a democratic choice of political parties. Better Together is based on vague notions like the Queen, the British Pound, the Empire, shared culture (TV?), plus European_flag_in_Karlskrona_2011groundless fear mongering. Which is why BTers can quickly resort to vicious outbursts. Once their minds get into a twist, they go on ego self-protect and either use real violence (how many BTers have been attacked by YES supporters?) or baseless insults. The best is calling a YES supporter a Nazi or ultra nationalist. Nope, it’s not YES supporters wanting to close the borders or exit the EU. The hypocrisy is beyond stating.
If you are a BTer and need insults try:
Fat, smelly, dorky, specky-four-eyes, democracy lover, tree hugger, foreigner fancier, egg-head, swot, thinker, etc.
But don’t pin nationalism on us as if it were some unique debilitating disease.

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