Yes Voters Were Actually Rather Brave

After the initial massive disappointment last September I began to think a little more about what was actually achieved by the Scottish independence movement.  Recently I’ve begun connecting with people on Twitter again and discussing the General Election in May.  And surprisingly I began to realize that the people who voted Yes last September were actually rather brave.  Although it may appear to be completely logical that the Scots would want to leave the United Kingdom, the fact that there was so much fear mongering and threats made the result still impressive.


It takes bravery and single-mindedness to vote for independence when:


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1 Response to Yes Voters Were Actually Rather Brave

  1. Morag says:

    A few days before the referendum, at the height of the fear-napalming, I remember remarking that if Scotland votes Yes in the teeth of all this, it will be an act of extraordinary bravery. Not quite enough people did that, but that doesn’t detract from the bravery of the 45% who were prepared to stand up to the attacks.

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