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French Economist Proves What Most Know True: Capitalism is a Rigged Game

Despite the rather feeble nit-picking effort of the Financial Times, French economist Thomas Piketty has done some tremendous work in proving what anyone with their eyes open and without hypocrisy or delusion already knows: capitalism in the form societies have … Continue reading

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Does Zero Hours and No Minimum Wage Actually Make Business Sense?

I once worked in the now demolished Tayside House in Dundee.  This multi-storey block was situated at the end of the Tay Bridge and housed the HQ of Tayside Regional Council in those days.  My 9 to 5 used to … Continue reading

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Why so many are blind to inequality

As an engineer I like to understand how things work.  However maybe unlike many engineers I like to extend this curiosity beyond gadgets and other technical creations and apply it to such things as economics and politics.  These explorations in … Continue reading

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