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Beaten to Death by Clowns

Amateur Night in the Big Top is a 2003 album by Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays fame.  In my mind it is brilliant.  Varied, complex music with a variety of styles including jazz, dance and eastern; cross references, reprises and Ryder … Continue reading

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Yes Voters Were Actually Rather Brave

After the initial massive disappointment last September I began to think a little more about what was actually achieved by the Scottish independence movement.  Recently I’ve begun connecting with people on Twitter again and discussing the General Election in May. … Continue reading

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How did Overhead become more Important than Work?

As a modern society we decide that there is a minimum standard of living and facilities that we are prepared to tolerate.  If we had not desired this then we’d all still be living in caves and chasing our food … Continue reading

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Holistic Politics vs That’s what you are, what am I?

Increasingly I despair when looking at politics. The average politician these days is a simpleton bully, the kind of moron you had at school who would keep yelling the same line over and over again until everyone else was battered … Continue reading

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Poll Tax Arrears Threat – Pure Evil

What can you honestly say about the plans of various Scottish councils to chase 25 year old poll tax arrears based on voter registrations from the Scottish independence referendum? Think about what this means?  Why would they do this after … Continue reading

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The Elite Will Destroy Themselves (and take the rest of us with them)

There was a feature length documentary a couple of years back that provided me with one of those paradigm shift things that self-improvement gurus are apt to talk about.  The film was called “Surviving Progress“.  The premise was that there … Continue reading

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Survivorship Bias: The Fantasy of Big Time

The Art of Thinking Clearly is a book by Rolf Dobelli.  It claims to be an international bestseller but I’d never seen it along side all the other self-improvement and management guff during my trawls through airport book shops over … Continue reading

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