Scottish Independence and Denmark: Less Natural Resources but GDP #6

When considering Scottish independence it’s worth keeping an eye on Denmark.  Similar population size, about half the area and sitting at number 6 in the list of countries ranked by GDP per capita.  Denmark has an extremely high standard of living and adheres to the liberal, egalitarian Scandinavian model.  In terms of natural resources Scotland has Denmark well and truly beaten.  Denmark has an output of around 94 million barrels of oil per year against 656 million barrels for Scotland.  Both countries have lots of wind, but beyond that Scotland has hydro-power and holds far more potential for wave and tidal. Denmark has a lot of pigs, I believe.

Husumer_Protest_Eberferkel denmark

Clever labour laws going under the term “Flexicurity“, high standards of education and investment in research and technology keep Denmark competitive.  And contrary to the unfair, immoral, neo-con insanity in so many countries Denmark does all this with a generous welfare state, an inclusive health care system and the lowest level of inequality in the world.  The winner takes all, punish the poor model of the UK and the USA does not work and only “benefits” a small percentage.  I put the word benefits in quotes because only the blind and selfish can be pleased with their own success while so many countrymen suffer.

Whether Scotland can match Denmark’s success is therefore down to the will of the people.  Scotland has historically shown a will to promote fairness and equality with strong commitment to free higher education and a well funded NHS.  For Scotland to fail as an independent land would take a high level of incompetence and/or corruption. Given the frightening state of the UK economy and the possibility of a vote to leave the EU in 2017, the state of the UK could diminish further in a slide towards the further economic ruin as exporters get hit by EU import taxes, the most deprived regions miss out on current EU funding and human rights goes out the window completely.

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