What Independence is Really About

Do you notice how the whole Better Together campaign focuses almost entirely on the negatives?  Independent Scotland will:


When someone only gives you negative reasons you usually should stop listening, but fear is a powerful if unhealthy motivator, and is widely used by almost all governments.

The real situation is that the political and business elite (in Scotland, UK and beyond) may lose some control and power.  In the post 9/11 world our lives have become governed by fear. This is how control is maintained in the face of growing disparity between rich and poor, both financially and legally as we see separate laws being applied to the haves and have-nots.  Why did almost no bankers face prosecution after 2008, yet a looter stealing a bottle of vodka is tried immediately?   And we already know that Rebekah Brooks will not really go to jail, or that Tony Blair will ever be shipped off to The Hague to stand trial.


A new country that would embrace real democracy and equality is perceived as a threat.  There is something different about Scotland, a palpable will to do what is morally right for all and not for a privileged few.  Unless a man has already deviated far from the moral path, one knows inherently right from wrong.  We understand the effects of pollution, the risks of nuclear power, the insane apocalyptic destruction of Trident, the hypocrisy of politicians and the religious right, the illegality of foreign wars, the shoring up of puppet dictators.   There is no salvation in the quest for more while others suffer.

All of us, rich and poor, have got one life.  One day this life will be over.  Do we live it in fear or do we finally stand up for what is right?  An independent Scotland is a chance to show the world that there is another way than staying on the current, morally bankrupt path.

David Hayman said it brilliantly: “Because what drives NO forward is the fear of those who stand to lose their privilege.  They fear their kingdom of greed faces its demise.  They fear real democracy.  They fear that in a land beyond Westminster we will rediscover hope.  That hope has a name.  It’s name is Yes.”


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5 Responses to What Independence is Really About

  1. claregallowayartist says:

    Great article: I have quoted you in my profile banner on Facebook- many thanks for your great, strong words!

  2. James Brown says:

    I want an independent Scotland for my grandchildren,great grandchildren & future generations to have our own country back where it belongs. With Scottish people. I am a proud Scotsman. And want to die Scottish not British, as so many immigrants are called in England. A Englishman calls himself English not British unless us Scots be it Olympics or world cup football then its great Britain who win.They take all our glory & credit for great Scottish inventors,professors..etc. We are a great nation & a proud one, or are we still being punished for Wallace Victories over the English. All we want is to be a nation again. I think England are scared to stand alone.Its time for England to grow up & be English not British as us Scots have been waiting for this moment for nearly 500 years.We promise we will never invade or fight against England, as long as we have our land back & left in peace to look after our own land. “Scotland“

  3. mia C says:

    It’s about right & wrong & justice,none of which’s possible under Worstmonster, It’s corrupt 2 the core. Illegal wars, pedo circles, 55 met officers who committed crimes, yet no charges, they get 2 resign/retire,MP’s nearly all stealing in the form of expenses from the long suffering taxpayer, like Maria Miller & again no charges/ even having 2 pay back. All of this “U” would B prosecuted 4 & prob jailed.Selling off, everything the public/taxpayer paid 4, 4 their profit.Paying 4 hundreds of MP’s, when there;s only 59 in Scotland. Paying 4 850 unelected Hoose of Lards (fat cats) who get paid a mil + 1/2 mil in expenses & R pretty much useless.Its about controlling & having the Gov of Ur choice.The protection of a constitution 4 Ur protection.Most of all a country making its own decisions & not being dictated 2 & controlling its own finances & keeping NHS, free prescriptions,education & prob much cheaper energy & a more caring gov, 4 the people if U vote right & hold them accountable. Lots more just think about it.

  4. Rob the Scot says:

    well spoken the TRUTH is the only way forward

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