BetterTogether Campaign will drive Independence

Do you ever get the feeling that the very bunch tasked with preventing Scottish independence are the very ones who will make it come to fruition? After George Robertson’s embarrassing spoutings yesterday comparing a Yes vote with the end of the civilized world a further nail was driven into the coffin containing the chances of maintaining the union.

Today David Cameron missed a great chance to retain some semblance of credibility by not nailing Maria Miller’s arse to a cross and throwing Food Bank leftovers at it.

George_Robertson (Small)

I used to think that the Better Togethers were some kind of Bilderberg group, plotting and scheming like Dr. Evil to preserve their slanted, morally corrupt and grossly unequal world. Now I’m beginning to believe that a large number of them are just plain stupid including head honcho Cameron.  Any idiot who claims to be in touch with the common man by referring to his wife’s attendance of “day school” really isn’t the full shilling.

So, BetterTogether, who have you got lined up next? Can’t wait to see.

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