The Political Class and the End of Heckling

In most countries the current generation of politicians is dominated by the so called political class.  These people know only one thing and that is the game of politics and they’ll destroy their own party and country to keep their hand in.  At school they were part of the debating team and played a role in youth divisions of their parents’ political parties.  At university they will have studied politics or history.  Directly thereafter they will have served a short career as a civil servant, lobbiest or gentleman’s fluffer.  Next up it’s full time politics.  If they are small time then they become a local councilor.  Next they stand in a by-election some place hopeless but keep plugging away, brown nosing and finally make their way into the big time.


The political class do not stand up for anything in the real world.  They will flip any which way the wind blows.  Tony Blair instigated leadership by focus group.  Do you think Ed Miliband really cares about Maria Miller fiddling expenses, or it is just chance to get a quick jab in on Cameron?  Ultimately they all become the same, one automaton after another, one indistinguishable from the next.


The political class does not care about their own nation, they seek to enter the rarefied world of the super rich, a world without borders or state, where they can move seamlessly between tax paradises.  They just as soon award giant projects to Chinese and French rather than understand the Keynesian principle of keeping spending internal and building valuable infrastructure. No they’ll happily land us all in deeper and deeper deficit and then pay it off in a nationwide fire sale.  The UK sold off piecemeal to Germans, Chinese, Russians, Indians, the political class do not care.  They’ll wave the flag all right when they are on camera, at the Olympics, at the World Cup, at Wimbledon, but it’s just a show, to make them look like the average man.  But they have little in common.

David Cameron cheers on Andy Murray during the Wimbledon men's final

Westminster is rife with the political class.  It is truly a sad day when I look back at

Thatcher’s cabinet and somehow actually miss those old bastards that I grew up with.  There’s Screaming Lord Tebbit, Cecil Parkinson and his tricks, Geoffrey Howe putting the house to sleep, Tarzan Heseltine.  For Christ’s sake the other day I read an interview with Heseltine and I found myself agreeing with him.  I may not have agreed with them back in the day but they had a level of intelligence, experience and, dare I say it, integrity that is missing today.


I’ll finish off by asking you a question: Where have all the hecklers gone?  Remember how they could turn up at a party conference or political gathering and yell at the stage?  And how the majority of politicians would engage with the heckler!  My God how I miss those days.  Now a gathering of more than two people can be considered a terrorist threat. Peaceful protests are violently broken up. A joke on Twitter can result in special forces battering your door down.  Hecklers are silenced and forcibly removed. There’s more to democracy that voting every 5 years after drowning in a pool of biased media.

The political class stand for nothing.  They are about looking slick and following choreographed scripts and moves.  There’s nothing inside.  They build a fortress of yes men, business tycoons and spin doctors around themselves, desperately clawing at anything that will preserve the vague illusion that passes for a life.

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