It’s not a Referendum, it’s a Revolution

ArtistTaxiDriver“It’s not a Referendum, it’s a Revolution,” says Mark McGowan, the Artist Taxi Driver in one of his incredibly loud and passionate YouTube monologues.  And he is completely correct.  To think this question of whether Scotland should be independent or not is just about whether 5 million people are slightly better or worse off is to notice the mouse in a room and completely miss the 300lb gorilla.

marieantoinetteexecuteWho are the people of Scotland in revolution with?  Actually it is with the usual suspects: the government, the rich, the powerful.  There has been over the last 30 years a steady, progressive slide to the politics of the right and we see a rise in xenophobia and displays of might by the Western Empire upon its own and other people.  And despite what a quick glance may suggest, everything you feel in your heart that smacks of injustice or insanity or being unsustainable is interlinked.

From banking crises to constant war for oil to protected paedophile rings to use of drugs in sport and academia to overuse of antidepressants to global warming to fixation on stars to insatiable desire for wealth and control to the growing chasm between rich and poor to the return of TB and malnutrition to Western countries, it’s all related.

It's all related. Don't kid yourself otherwise.

It’s all related. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

The ruling establishment includes the likes of politicians, business leaders, main stream media, civil servants, entertainment stars and you see the across the board support they give to backing the Union.  This is of little surprise, they are the ones most bought into the insanity, the ones who believe they have the most to lose by any change to the status quo.

They may have the power but the people have them outnumbered.  The shock we see from the establishment is one of disbelief that there could even be a chance Scotland would vote to leave – they are so used to having the whole system completely weighted in their favour.  Think about it, all three main Westminster parties are broadly identical in their Neoconservative political and Neoliberal economic policies – that’s like ensuring the roulette wheel only has number 17 slots before you put your money down.

too-big-to-failWhy do the establishment back high risk activities like nuclear power, fracking, weapons of mass destruction, constant (illegal) invasions of other lands, unregulated casino banking?  Because the people involved in these sectors are part of the establishment too, scratching each others backs.  And it’s minimal risk to them – nuclear power, pollution, climate, nuclear weapons, banking systems are all too big to fail and when they do inevitably fail then they are bailed out by the tax payer, the majority of the people.  Again the system is completely, utterly rigged.

minor-entityBut in this “minor entity in the north of Britain” – as Scotland’s own Lord Robertson puts it – we have them running scared.  We have the most motivated, passionate and informed population in recent Western history and we have the power to say Enough is a enough, we want a new beginning, a new way to live.  The establishment of the UK and their foreign equivalents abroad know that there’s a very high probability that the Scottish revolution will spill over; a possible modern day domino theory.

IndyRef Ballot Paper AIt’s not a referendum, it’s a revolution.  And what a revolution -to think all you need to do is just put a cross in the correct box.  No need to kill, threaten or bribe anyone.

I look forward to a better world.

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