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It’s not a Referendum, it’s a Revolution

“It’s not a Referendum, it’s a Revolution,” says Mark McGowan, the Artist Taxi Driver in one of his incredibly loud and passionate YouTube monologues.  And he is completely correct.  To think this question of whether Scotland should be independent or not … Continue reading

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Independent Scotland is not about Nationalism

The new poll putting Yes ahead for the first time appears to have awoken many people down south.  Maybe some people in the main stream media and elite of society do get it now and this panics them.  And some … Continue reading

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Two weeks to save Scotland, UK and Europe

Just two weeks to go until the Scottish referendum.  What more is there to say that has not already been said?  Is there any use in pointing out more Unionist hypocrisy and bullshit?  Probably not, even if it still flows … Continue reading

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