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Yes Voters Were Actually Rather Brave

After the initial massive disappointment last September I began to think a little more about what was actually achieved by the Scottish independence movement.  Recently I’ve begun connecting with people on Twitter again and discussing the General Election in May. … Continue reading

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Independent Scotland is not about Nationalism

The new poll putting Yes ahead for the first time appears to have awoken many people down south.  Maybe some people in the main stream media and elite of society do get it now and this panics them.  And some … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Arsehole in Modern Society (Book Review)

Book Review: The Rise of the Arsehole in Modern Society (Scottish Edition) by Daniel Désespéré. Illustrated. 867pp.  D. Watkins Press. €39.99 In what many will come to regard as his tour de force, French academic Professor Daniel Désespéré, charts the rise of idiocy … Continue reading

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Independent Scotland Will Set the UK Free

Beyond the humour and relatively friendly, openness of the people, the overriding, defining trait of the UK is the class system. It has always been so. Living in the Netherlands, relatively free of class differences, and looking back at Blighty … Continue reading

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