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Viz Magazine’s No.22 Shit Street

Back in the mid-1990s there was an issue of Viz comic that featured a miniature porcelain house of the sort that features on the back of certain magazines aimed at the more senior, doddery citizens.  The difference was that this … Continue reading

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The Deficit: Why our weakest citizens must suffer

What is this deficit we hear about continuously?  Why are we driving the weakest people in our society to suicide in order to reduce this deficit?  When was the last time someone explained to you exactly what this word and … Continue reading

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Austerity: Keeping Ratings Agencies Happy and Controlling People

Austerity.  We heard a lot about that since the Masters of the Universe blew the bloody doors off the world economy in 2008.  It’s sold to us minions, us majority of human beings as being the only solution to balancing the … Continue reading

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