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Viz Magazine’s No.22 Shit Street

Back in the mid-1990s there was an issue of Viz comic that featured a miniature porcelain house of the sort that features on the back of certain magazines aimed at the more senior, doddery citizens.  The difference was that this … Continue reading

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Holistic Politics vs That’s what you are, what am I?

Increasingly I despair when looking at politics. The average politician these days is a simpleton bully, the kind of moron you had at school who would keep yelling the same line over and over again until everyone else was battered … Continue reading

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UK Never Got Post-Empire

I watched the BBC documentary “Das Auto The Germans, Their Cars and Us“.  You can watch it complete on YouTube and I recommend you do even if you have no interest in cars or Germany.  It’s the “Us” – the … Continue reading

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Independence and Business: Coca-Cola, IBM and Nazi Germany

There appears to be a steady stream of business people being wheeled out by the Better Togethers.  Their message is that if Scotland were to go it alone they’d seriously consider packing up their Scottish based business and marching south … Continue reading

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What Independence is Really About

Do you notice how the whole Better Together campaign focuses almost entirely on the negatives?  Independent Scotland will: Not get to use the pound (you can use any currency you like) Not get to join the EU (I thought we were … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence

I find the whole prospect rather depressing that the people of Scotland may reject this incredible opportunity to become something special, a force for good in an increasingly Neo-Conservative world populated by identikit politicians.  Never-the-less I will try and muster … Continue reading

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