Preserving Ourselves and the Status Quo

Why do otherwise intelligent and decent human beings begin to act in a certain pro-establishment, Neoconservative way that smacks of a new world order and secret g20-g8Bilderberg group meetings?  Are the multitudes of journalists, editors, businessmen, politicians, broadcasters, civil servants given a handbook telling them the rules of a modern right wing state?  Not likely. I’m not one for conspiracy theories.

How does the BBC with its thousands of employees manage to overlook demonstrations on its own doorstep?  Or 50000 people protesting against austerity in London?  How does the mainstream media avoid any genuine pro-Scottish independence grass roots organizations, but picks up a one day old astroturf campaign and runs with the story all day?  How do they manage to ignore the criminal activities of Israel, or water it down?  How can an MP be suspended for speaking his mind regarding understanding for the Palestinians?  How can a British ex-ambassador be black listed from appearing on the BBC?  bbc

There is in general no book of rules.  In general there is no one explicitly telling someone else this is how we report the news.  For the answer it is best to look inwards in the Eastern tradition, instead of outwards.  Are the people with power, with money, even the middle classes with their just enough comfort, not slightly afraid of the alternatives?  We’re all mortgaged to the hilt, the result of insane housing prices.  We’ve got insane tuition fees to pay.  We’re maxed out on credit in the quest to purchase latest gadgets and cars.  We’ve got an image to live up to.  Do we not sense that if we start questioning the ethics of the higher echelons of society that this whole comfortable status quo that we currently inhabit will come tumbling down?

If I start asking too many questions, or deviate too much from the current way of behaving, then am I singling myself out for banishment?  merkel-cameron

If I have to admit that my leaders, my authority figures have got it all wrong, that’s going to cause uncomfortable security for me.  We make a map of the world in our heads – if we learn that the map is inaccurate that is a disconcerting state.

Can we really have an equal society?  Are people innately good or bad.  These lower class people are lazy, uneducated and threatening.  Do we really want to empower them?  Will I become poorer as a result?  Will they form a revolution?

These Muslims are dangerous.  They’re going to out-breed us and take over; send us back to the stone age.  Probably we should control them.  Monitoring all internet traffic, why is that a problem?  I’ve got nothing to hide.  If it makes a safer world, then so what?

eilean-donanSplitting up the United Kingdom?  An independent Scotland?  That could set a worrying precedent for other parts of the UK wanting more authority.  What kind of a message would this send our allies and our enemies if the UK cannot even keep order within its own borders?

And an independent Scotland?  Equality?  Fairness?  Nuclear-free?  Peace loving?  Doing what’s ethically right on the world stage?  Who the hell do we think we are?  Stand up amongst legions of identikit national leaders and say, No, this is not right!  Can we survive without weapons contracts?  Can we survive if others impose trade embargoes on Scotland because of our liberal, democratic stance?  What happens then to my comfortable house, new car, status in society?

It’s not a black and white decision to start supporting the status quo.  It’s a slippery slope,  born of fear, of having too much to lose.

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