Why can’t you plebs just behave?

Why can’t you plebs just behave?  This must surely be the line of thought of the politicians and business leaders throughout the world.  If everyone would just quietly toe the line there would be no need for trouble.

Thrown out of Commonwealth Games pool for having a Yes badge

Thrown out of Commonwealth Games pool for having a Yes badge

  • Why can’t everyone just use the internet for buying our crap and sharing pictures of their cats?
  • Why can’t you just sit at home and watch X-Factor instead of protesting about media bias?
  • Why can’t these Palestinians just quietly die of a mysterious illness?
  • Why doesn’t the whole world follow USA’s lead and give 100% support to Israel?
  • Why do the Scots need to go upsetting the United part of the UK?
  • Why do people use the internet for bypassing the main stream media?
  • Why do you object to us monitoring your every action?  Surely you have nothing to hide?  You wouldn’t have a problem if you just behaved yourself?
  • Why do you need to wear a discrete Yes badge at the Commonwealth Games? Yes we know the Union Jack is not a flag of a competing nation and it is also not allowed officially, but come on, we need to keep the Queen happy and not break Cameron’s heart.
  • Why don’t all you plebs politely remain consumers on internet and not attempt to produce and disseminate information?
  • Why don’t you all trust us that the Neocon, Neoliberal agenda is the only option?  That as Queen Thatcher said, There Is No Alternative?


    Queen Thatcher: TINA

  • Why don’t you all play along and understand that while Trickle Down Economics may not work for you, it works bloody well for us and hey if you can spell Trickle Down then you are probably not living too badly, so what do you care for if others are?
  • Why don’t you take laissez-faire to heart?  Do whatever the hell is in your own best interests, don’t give a flier about anyone else and trust the market will moderate the extremes?
  • Why can’t you trust us that the environment will be all right by itself, that a solution will present itself without changing our lifestyle.
  • Why don’t you all just do what you are told?!
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