Did you vote No? Actions Have Consequences

Actions have consequences. Decisions have consequences. There is no you and them. You cannot divide yourself from the world. In the Scottish referendum of September 2014 the majority of people made the decision to register to vote and do so in greater numbers than ever before. The failure to achieve independence was not a question of apathy. People registered, got off their backsides, tore themselves away from their X-Factor and turned up to vote.

Maybe the No Voters were comfortable enough off.  Maybe they did not want to rock the boat, risk what they had.  Austerity is tough on many people, but the No voter’s have still got their pension (Gordon said so) and they have their jobs and if they live off savings and borrowings then their lifestyle stays relatively unaffected.  And they don’t personally use much of the services that are being dismantled.  They’re not sick or disabled or unemployed.  And they don’t intend to be.  They’re all right.

A sheer lack of imagination – too much brain dead television and internet activity likely saw to that – and we have an inability to comprehend the scale of change in the United Kingdom.  A country lurching towards the right and horrendous inequality and injustice.

If the country goes to the dogs, no amount of head in sand, I’m all right Jack, borrowing and cheating is going to shield you from that.  Seeing your neighbourhood turn into a ghetto, seeing your kids’ future disintegrate, seeing foreign colleagues deported, seeing your every waking moment being monitored and recorded for your protection, please tell me how that has nothing to do with you and that you were just looking after yourself?

Actions have consequences.

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