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Did you vote No? Actions Have Consequences

Actions have consequences. Decisions have consequences. There is no you and them. You cannot divide yourself from the world. In the Scottish referendum of September 2014 the majority of people made the decision to register to vote and do so … Continue reading

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Sold from under our feet

Fracking and other Neocon vices: this is what 55% of Scotland voted for. And although Better Together did try to keep it quiet, we all knew this was afoot. The idiotic head in sand attitude of much of the 55% … Continue reading

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Originally posted on petewishart:
In 2011 the SNP won the most remarkable landslide victory. We won from Caithness to Cumnock. We won in every city in Scotland and we won across every social class, securing votes from all backgrounds. We…

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An Open Letter to JK Rowling

Originally posted on Teachers for Yes:
by Allan Crosbie, PT English, Edinburgh Dear Joanne, You won’t remember me but nearly 20 years ago we worked together briefly in a school in Edinburgh. Your talents have since made you a lot…

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When did the means become more important than the end?

Somehow everything has got into a big bloody mess.  Somehow the means became far more important than the end.  What is the end?  To ask is to meddle with such cliched questions as what is the meaning of life.  But … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Westminster Spot the Difference – Impossible

I’ve been struggling with this puzzle for the last few years.  Four pictures, all apparently different from each other but I’m damned if I can see any difference between the first three clowns. In the UK with our backward first … Continue reading

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Scotland Located Nowhere near England 410 Million Years Ago

Random piece of information I stumbled upon today: 410 million years ago Scotland and England were on different sides of a giant ocean.  If we could literally manage without the rest of the UK 410 million years ago then we … Continue reading

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Schizophrenic Better Together on EU

Would the Better Together campaign please aim for some consistency? All these vague threats, typically without foundation, about no EU membership for Scotland, all aimed at creating fear in the Scottish voters. And then I switch on BBC World this … Continue reading

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