Independent Scotland is not about Nationalism

The new poll putting Yes ahead for the first time appears to have awoken many people down south.  Maybe some people in the main stream media and elite of society do get it now and this panics them.  And some normal every day folk outside Scotland also get it. But the great majority don’t and we see this in the upturn of talk of it all being about “nationalism”.  The reason the whole Yes campaign has been so peaceful and so positive is because it absolutely is not about nationalism.  In years of studying history and following the evolution of Europe from Cold War era to the capitalist, elite controlled mockery it resembles today, I’ve never seen such a positive and peaceful people.  I don’t know of many nationalists who are so open to welcoming immigrants and wanting to collaborate with our fellow European lands.  Funny people these nationalist Scots.


If the normal people throughout Europe and especially in England actually calmly studied what is happening in Scotland they’d be backing independence 100%.  This is a referendum about taking power away from a privileged elite few and putting it in the hands of the many.  People who’ve spent a life passively in front of the TV have got up and got involved in politics and they are not going back to the sofa.  This whole campaign is about saying we’ve had enough of the Neoconservative, Neoliberal agendas and lies. Enough with:

  • warmongering
  • risking world peace and environmental safety on insane weapons
  • austerity
  • boom and bust economy
  • corruption
  • cutting back on our healthcare and education
  • media bias
  • infringements on privacy
  • giant corporations pulling the strings of government
  • untamed destruction of the planet
  • torture
  • selling off of what the public owns at fire sale prices to faceless friends
  • making scapegoats of the weakest and poorest while turning a blind eye to white collar crime
  • sending an 18 year old to jail for stealing one bottle of vodka while bankers who ripped off the whole country return to pre-crisis incomes

In Scotland the ordinary people, the 99% are deciding that this kind of disgraceful, disgusting behaviour has gone on too long.  It did not matter, Labour or Conservative the results were the same.  Now in the UK there are three main parties, probably now four with the rise of UKIP and honestly there is very little between them.  If there was a chance that they could put an end to it via the United Kingdom I’m sure they would have, but after 300 years of this incessant top down, them and us attitude I can safely say that it will never change.  Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon campaign in Glasgow.

Unless something happens.  Like breaking up the Union.  Scotland can afford to go.  It has the massive natural resources, skills and it exports more than it imports.  Politicians and economists try to make it all sound complex but that’s all you need to run a rich country.  And Scotland has it in spades.  So Scotland will make the first move.  And I fully expect that the regions of England and Wales will duly follow demanding at the very least their own assemblies and devolution, all of which will diminish the dominating corrupt power of Westminster further until hopefully it will resemble a democratic parliament.

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