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Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires

Will Black’s brilliant book Psychopathic Cultures and Toxic Empires is absolutely essential reading if you want to stop being shocked every day some Establishment figure or powerful organization does something disgusting.  Of course they do terrible things – they are psychopaths. … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Arsehole in Modern Society (Book Review)

Book Review: The Rise of the Arsehole in Modern Society (Scottish Edition) by Daniel Désespéré. Illustrated. 867pp.  D. Watkins Press. €39.99 In what many will come to regard as his tour de force, French academic Professor Daniel Désespéré, charts the rise of idiocy … Continue reading

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When did the means become more important than the end?

Somehow everything has got into a big bloody mess.  Somehow the means became far more important than the end.  What is the end?  To ask is to meddle with such cliched questions as what is the meaning of life.  But … Continue reading

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